Wednesday, August 26, 2009


okay, i've failed.. I'm still not able to obtain to be a regular blogger.. But things that are interesting around me have already been posted before.. So it's no longer interesting isn't it? *smiles*
Anyways, i've passed my BTT ( basic theory) and my FTT ( final theory)! -now that deserve a great round of applause!- So now, no more theory now! All practical! Had my first two lessons of driving, fun but can be quite challenging because my "nice" instructor made me drive on the road for my first ever lesson!!
Power lahz!! Freaked me out quite a bit, but by my second lesson, i asked him whether can i book my test, he actually say okay?! Somehow, i'm just so proud of myself..

So now, who says that girls can't drive?? And will lose to guys? I proud that i proved the theory wrong!
Now i just hopes that i can be able to master more and spend less money during this process! If not it can be really extremely expensive! i think that is all for now. Not much things to blog at the moment!

-signing off, Jas

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yes! My dearest mummy just bless me with Nokia E71! -beams- Though the colour is not the one that i was eyeing for, RED; but black steel ain't that bad either!

Thus currently i am enjoying blogging using my new phone! Just in case you are wondering why i change my phone so soon when i just change my phone in Feb, it is because of my careless care, my poor LG Renoir got stuck to the floor because of glue spill!

So my poor phone, i think it is going to retire though it has 8megapixel camera (oh man!!) yes, and i shall embrace my new cell with open arms right?

I think that is all for now. - love, Jas

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slowly picking up the moment

Finally another post,
Work is fine, in fact, way too comfortable! I need a new environment, i need a new job, with better pay, something that is more of my interest. Anyways, i passed my BTT ( Basic theory test)! like finally also, only passed it at the second round, hopefully my FTT (Final Theory) is not going to be like that, i am hoping to pass on first trial, it is way harder than the BTT, read through the second time already still find alot of things unclear, especially the clutch pedal thingy.
Thus, i am currently trying to roughly figure out, might be booking the date soon though, i dont want to be left with too far a date to test, aiming to get my license by end of this year the latest.

Have been attending impactful meetings, feel so challenged, but when coming to practical areas, i think i still need to have the discipline not to procrastinate. I am going to try to do well in my job, then when i finally confirm a new job, then i will leave, because, in my heart i know that this current job is definitely not my final stop! Thus i have to really work hard and achieve, another issue is because to many people, they might find me way too young to work in the society now, so i also have to do it so well, that i can see right to their eyes and prove them wrong, that when it comes to work, age is not the limit to judge on capability but it is the actions that counts. I dont want to be one of those that will be commented that "Empty vessels makes the most noise"

So of all, procrastinate should be the last ever thing that i should do, out of the whole world of issues. I know that the path that i choose and God being my steering wheel, He will guide and He shall provide!
(side note: all these typing make me so encouraged! *Smiles* Got to motivate myself much more than ever once again!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back once again!

Yup! i am back once again!
Just cant seem to be as regular even if how much i wish to be. I think partially DISCIPLINE takes a whole load of responsibility for this.

You know what?
I just read a very nice book, entitled, Rachel's Tears.It is a real joy reading this very book, because it is so amazing and bring such a great impact. It is about this incident that happened on April 20,1999 (mind you! this is a true story!), apparently two teenagers had planned to create a bloodbath at their school which was the Columbine high school. Rachel was one of the 13 who got killed, the killers selected a few groups of people which they wants to kill. Christians were one of them, Rachel is a devoted Christian who not only talks the talk but also walk the walk! She was first shot on her legs and the killer turned back, grab her by her hair, questioning her whether does she still believe in Jesus, and her response was, " you know i do". the killer then make a comment, " then go be with Him" and shot her by the head.That was how she died, can you imagine one day if such things happen to you, will you be able to be like Rachel, stand by your faith in risk of losing your life?
However, more importantly, Rachel had such a close relationship with God that she knew she was going to die, just like, Elijah and God. So amazing! If you are interested with this book can always ask me about it okay?!

that's all for now!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm back to blog once again!
If you are wondering what was the entry title all about, it is something that my centre's kid always say to make an opening entrance! Especially after showering and letting us know that he is done.
Such a dearie! Mind you, he is only like 2 years old this year! He loves making all of us laugh at the centre, with his actions, speech, i tell you, no teachers DON'T LOVE him! He is that adorable!

Okay, i think i have alot to actually blog,
My cousin's wedding was FABULOUS! My cousin-in-law looked so gorgeous in her wedding gowns, make-up and all. Finally everything is over! I think preparing for wedding can be a tremendously tiring work. You have to take in so many people under your consideration, well i think they enjoyed themselves as all are part and parcel of life though.

My mum's birthday and daddy's day was nice! Had another gathering with Jess once again at Party World! It was all nice, ended around 1230am. All went home and really slept! I think all are worn out, and had to work the very next day. I think throughout this two days, all was awesome which i feel that is the most important thing! Dont you agree?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Heys! It have been few days since i last blogged.

My cousin, Daniel's wedding is coming soon, like in another 2 to 3 days.
So my mum brought me for shopping spree to buy something nice and formal for the wedding.

This are my items:

Yeah, do they look okay? i really love the shoes! Something different.


I think my mum is really very willing to splurge for Daniel's wedding because she is even going to sponsor my sister and me manicure. I think she is really happy and excited about the occasion as well. keen for my manicure fingers?
I try to update once i have those nails on okay?
I don't think that is a easy task after my nails are on. but fret not, (provided that i actually have readers) i will most likely update, because i want to update about my mum's birthday that will happen on the next day, Sunday, 21.06.09


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


WooHoo! My web browser is working once more! No, not my Safari but my firefox! i downloaded it using my pc and then plugged it in here and now it is working! *jumps for joy!*

I am never going to be so stupid and delete my firefox again man! It is was so torturing!

I went for morning prayer this morning, awesome! though i was a bit not here nor there because i was very very sleepy! However, i still felt the presence throughout all the yawnings, which was amazing! Did i mention that i did not sleep at all last night? Because i am so afraid that i will oversleep and miss it again like the previous one. I only manage to attend one day out the five days man. So i repent and make it a point to try making to this round's

So upsetting, two of my colleague which i am closer to are leaving! Horrible people, abandon me there. -sighs-
Huang lao shi is leaving by the end of June and Ms Wendy is most probably leaving by the end of July. My goodness! Dont be mistaken, the job is not that bad, just that it can be quite physically demanding, Huang lao shi have some back problem and her knees are giving her problem already thus she have to leave, and Ms Wendy, she have some awesome opportunities that have been offered to her, so it is better for her to go too.

Will be so upset without them , think i will miss them really alot!